Top 10 Checklist for Maintenance on a Copy Machine


Do you think that after investing in the copy machine of top quality your job is done? Well, if no then you are wrong as your job has just begun. You need to realize the importance of maintaining your printer, else you will face tough consequences. Your printer will malfunction before it has actually started to function properly. You will surely not want all of your investment to go in the matter how perfect color your printer copies if proper care is not taken then all that is useless. Get the fact straight that for getting the integral jobs done you will have to have the proper schedule set for cleaning. Your all office work and professional output depend on it, at the eleventh hour, you won’t want to run for the repair shop. The shop that will take a couple of days and waste your whole time with huge money. So be easy on your pocket and take the preventative measures beforehand.

You really found a great resource with this article as below are 10 points that ensures that you won’t have to deal with the trouble again.

The Exterior Of Photocopier Lease

Always make sure that the exterior of the machine is cleaned. As without a clean exterior, you will not be able to achieve a cleaner interior of Photocopier lease. Now you may wonder why the cleanliness is that important. Well, there are several factors. First of the hygienic machine will tell you what the problem is if it looked way different than the normal. Now if you are wondering that how to clean it then grab a cloth and lint.

Non-Abrasive Cloth

Make sure to use any non-abrasive cloth for keeping your copier clean. Now there are certain ways through which you should avoid cleaning. You must never clean right on the perpendicular direction of the glass.

Paperclip Removal

Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to remove the paper clip from before scanning as that can cause a great damage to the glass.

Interior Of A Copy Machine

You must also take care of the interior of the copy machine. Get the idea that paper rollers get the dust occupied. The rollers can also accumulate a great amount of toner residue.

Paper Tray

You have to even take care of the smallest detail like the cleaning of the paper tray. You can make use of a thin brush which could seep into the precise device and offer you deep cleaning. This is really great and effective to make sure that the paper tray remains clean.

Paper Quality

You need to make use of a copy paper which is of good quality. If you will use the supreme quality then you will get assured that you will reduce the number of shavings and debris.

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Dry Tray

You need to make sure that you are not loading paper into the tray that is not dry.

Paper Loading

It is your responsibility to double check you need to be careful when loading the paper as forcing it won’t do you any good.  Keep in mind that your machine can get jammed.


It must be replaced


It must also be changed. Get the idea of copier rental rates