How Much Money Do You Need For An Investor Visa?


Our Investor business migration visas are for investors who want to gain residence in New Zealand.

What are the investor visas for? Well, these visas are those visa which is offered to the investors who want to establish proper residence in New Zealand. Now there are certain criteria and facts/figures which will really help you in the process of determining the type of package.

Investment Visa Consultant Explains Categories

If you have consulted Investment Visa Consultant then you will know there are two primary categories. The investor 2 category is the one where there is a minimum requirement of money NZ $3 million. Now this plan must get catered for next four years. There is another category of visa which is referred to as the investor 2 categories. This category of visa is the one which is known better as investor plus visa. Are you wondering that which group of people opt for this category? Those people who plan to invest NZ$ 10 million or any amount which exceed this value. If you are still wondering the differences and your mind is throwing random questions straight at you then this article have further got you covered.

There are several different policies made for visas. You need to weigh each and every reward and see which level of business experience will best suit your needs.

Approval Of By Investment Visa Consultant

Now to be eligible for investment 2 category there is something more than the initial investment of 3million. You really need to meet the additional requirement if you truly want to qualify and get that investor visa in hand. You will have to have that 3 years of business experience. Without this requirement, you can’t jump forward. Another point which you must bear in mind before applying for investor’s visa is that you should have proper knowledge of the English language, as without that you won’t be able to do any proceedings. The barrier of language cannot be overcome thus you need to have this point with you. Even the family members must not lack the English speaking and they must own the fluency or command. The other factors which cross out the eligibility of the requirement are applicant’s age. If you exceed the age of 65 then not advisable to even apply else your application is bound to get rejected.

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Investor Plus Visa

How great is that if you are opting for this amount of requirement then there are no additional requirements to fulfill? Isn’t it great? If you are wondering that why is this a case then, of course, New Zealand will love to welcome huge investment in their county without barriers.

Rewards According To Investment Visa Consultant

Now after getting to know all the details about how much will it cost you to get an investor visa, there must be several other questions running in your mind. Those questions are surely regarding the rewards you will get and the re-growth of investments. If you invested about 50 % of your investment as an investor 2 visa holders then you will qualify for the reduction of about half a million dollar in the investment amount.