How Long Until My New Zealand Visa Is Approved?


If you are in desperate need to visit New Zealand and impatiently waiting for the approval of your visa, then this article is for you. You need to realize that processing time is not the same for all sorts of visas. It differs from type to type. Thus, if you are a student then it will require a different level of patience and similarly, visitors and work visas also differ in time duration. The reason for this difference of delay is to the checks and the verification process.

You need to realize that visa applications for residents vary greatly in time, as a settlement in New Zealand is not a piece of cake.

Application Types Like Dependent Child Visa

If you are bogged down by the choices which encounter when applying for a visa, then you should stop creasing your forehead. If you just want to hit New Zealand for holidays then apply for a visitor’s visa or you may apply as dependent child visa. For business, deals opt for the business visitor visa NZ which has the validity to 3 months. You must choose visitor’s visa if you plan to stay in New Zealand for 9 months.

Time Period

One visits New Zealand for business purposes for a very short span of time, thus one can expect the approval a sooner. Though business credentials are verified and thus the process of business visitor visa NZ may stretch from a minimum of 3 months to 10 months, thus you must be well-prepared.  Students’ visa can take from 21 days to 40 days for the approval whereas visitor’s visa can take up to 25 days. So you have to decide that which option is better for your according to your requirement and urgent need.

Mode Of Payment

People often get confused after filling out their application that where to actually pay for the process to start. There are numerous option or means of payment but from the credit card is the most reliable and yet genuine option. The other option invites you to submit your application in the bank along with the deposit money. This process is way too hectic and time-consuming.

Unexpected Delays

One may experience a larger delay in the approval of the application and may not get a timely response. This happens due to several reasons. It is surely possible that your application involves a lot of complications to handle. The more complex the application gets the more time it will take to process. There are numerous documents required and a lot of checks are performed in those documents. One scan through the proper documents thus this stretches the time. You need to get this reason why resident’s visa takes a lot of time. There are few agencies who will claim that they will get your application processed and approved way earlier and in that case, you need to make use of your research skills. You can’t just blindly trust any agency thus dig a little deeper in the market and then make a coherent decision. Thus, make sure your send your complete documents to avoid any delays in the procedure.

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