Everything You Should Know About 18-Carat Gold Jewelry


If you are looking for gold which is durable along with being pure then you need to go for 18th-carat gold in Auckland. Its shine will never fade away and you will find that traditional touch nowhere else. It will outshine in any sort of jewelry whether it be bracelet, ring or earring. You may already know that in order to make the jewelry more strong the other metals are often intermixed. Being soft, gold needs an extra addition of other materials but don’t crease your forehead as 18th-carat gold is composed of 75% gold and only 25% of other material. Different material in the composition comprises of copper and zinc. Such concentration of gold in the 18-carat jewelry makes it more valuable if compared with 9 or 14 carats. For more information click here.

18-Carat Gold By Handmade Jeweler

You can choose 18-carat gold by handmade jeweler in a lot of forms like in the form of a bangle. You can buy stylish earring or worthy watches. The best choice the 18-carat gold offer you is of the wide array of choice in colors. The tone is quite versatile, thus you will surely find your signature style.

Budget In Jewelry Stores Auckland

If there is truly someone special in your life in Auckland than there can’t be any pleasing gift than this if you truly value that person and the price of 18-carat fall within your budget. This type of jewelry won’t irritate you or cause any allergic reactions thus this luxury appeal will persist. You only need to sort the right design from jewelry stores Auckland for yourself and you are good to go.


Nothing can match the glamour of gold, as the shine which it reflects offer a very unique glitz. You will not get mistaken by the appeal that it will offer. If you have an extremely important occasion to attend then you should always go for wearing 18-carat jewelry. This will surely make any occasion more remarkable.

Other Materials

If you are looking for a rosy shade in your gold then you will want a copper content to be mixed with the gold. The warm glow will envelop the atmosphere around. This shade is quite a popular choice among the women as this is specially designed for a unique female touch. The jewelry is very pretty thus high in demand.

This pink rosy charm is especially very famous in neck lets. The neck lets become quite classic with a tinge of rose. Any intricate design along with the hue of rose will surely to sprawl immense glamour.


Even a single 18-carat gold chain is just perfect and goes with any occasion in Auckland. The chain is a must-have if you can afford, as rest lies in the hands of this chain. It makes you appear way too stylish at any time. This simple 18-carat chain adds an extra spice to your personality.  Just opt for a simple design and let the work get done by the chain.