6 good reasons to become a software developer


In a world as technologically advanced as the one we live in today, it is common for us to have the need to learn to create something for ourselves. Something that can offer a solution to a certain problem, something that has such an impact that can change the world, or simply, the curiosity to understand how everything that we interact with daily on the internet works. If you feel familiar with any of these situations, it means that choosing a software development as a career might be a good investment for your future. And this is why below we give you 7 reasons why getting in software development can add a lot of value to your life.

Technology Will Always Continue To Evolve

The smartphone, which you have in your pocket processes billions (around 3.36 billion) more instructions per second than the Apollo orientation computer that took humans to the moon for the first time. To give an example, it seems that every week of the year a new JavaScript framework comes out. Conclusion: there is no other way to think and assume that the software development tools we use are increasingly powerful, which incorporate continuous improvements that must be mastered and learned.

There Will Be Appropriate Programming Tools For Each Type Of Industry

The software has revolutionized the world and is already present in niches and sectors that only a couple of years ago were unthinkable to be dependent on software. Some such niche specific software technologies are tools to create video games, tools to create business applications and management software, tools to program automata, etc.

The Labor Market Will Continue To Adapt

Programmers and development companies that used to program in COBOL started using Velneo (to give an example), meaning these systems also adapt by time and companies that used to work on a certain system adapt as well, continuing to support legacy systems as well as new ones.

Many Profession May Require Some Literacy In Code

The programming skills are nowadays have become mandatory even if you are not in a programming field. Things like SQL, HTML / CSS, JavaScript frameworks can become relevant for marketing technicians, designers, commercials, and many other professions. When it is said that in the future more people will have to know about some basics of software development, it is these trades that traditionally lacked these skills that are going to change the most.

There Will Always Be Demand Of Expert Software Developers

The requirement of the programmer or experienced software engineer will always exist, and their job will be to solve complex software related problems. Software experts have created some of the most complex software in the world and there will always be demand for more complex software, making sure that software developers are always in demand

Machine Learning Will Not Replace Programmers So Easily

The machine learning cannot completely replace software developers. Some of the best implementations of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are done by Google and they comprise of more than 30,000 human developers, making improvements on a daily basis for the system.