5 Benefits Of Having Metal Roofs On Your Home


Let’s face it, metal roofing beats conventional in various ways. Available in a wide range, colors and taste, metal roofs effortlessly add to the style factor of your home. Unlike regular roofing materials, residential metal roofs have a much longer life expectancy. These are used to create bold architectural statements and require minimal maintenance. In order to understand better, below are listed the 5 benefits of metal roofing:

Great Durability

A quality metal roof is efficiently impervious to a large range of extreme conditions like dust and storms. Having a metal roof is a pro when it comes to maintenance, it will not rot, warp or crack. In fact, it could last up to 50 years.

Eco-Friendly And Sustainable

Mostly, metal roof tiles are 25% recycled material hence it’s a good investment. Metal is considered sustainable and eco-friendly, easily recyclable near the end of its life. It is half the weight of asphalt, this means newly made houses would consist of a lighter structural source. Although shingles of asphalt can be recycled, the compounds of carcinogenic are toxic to the environment. Plus, this material needs to be replaced every 12-20 years.

Energy Efficient And Big Savings

Metal is indeed one of the most efficient material when it comes to energy saving. It saves in air conditioning up to 40% and provides great insulation during winter season. It helps you save by reducing your energy bills.  Metal roofs reflect solar radiation while most materials absorb heat. So for homes situated in the warmer regions, heat is reflected thus keeping heat away.

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Extensive Variety

Variety of styles, choices in material, construction types and paint options can help you find the perfect look for your house. In fact metal roofing can be designed to seem exactly like common materials like asphalt shingle. It is stronger and more durable. For your distinctive style you can choose from a range of traditional metal roofing, like steam panels. Stand out or blend in, the options are limitless.

Easy on the wallet

Keeping all the factors in mind, metal is a good investment. It doesn’t requires paint and it certainly doesn’t needs to be changed frequently. Traditional metal roofing doesn’t wear out or corrode. It keeps your house cool and thus reduces your bill. It is light weight, as most metal roof tiles run from 50-150 pounds per square. It easily installed and easier to recycle. In short it does you and the environment a huge favor.